Energy Calculator Tutorial #3 – Adding an Evaporator

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Energy Calculator Tutorial #3 – Adding an Evaporator

KeepRite Refrigeration Energy Calculator

In order for KeepRite Refrigeration’s Energy Calculator to truly give you meaningful energy consumption data and operating cost estimates, you need to provide more information than just a condensing unit or two.

Now that you’ve added your second condensing unit to compare energy usage, you’re ready to add an evaporator into the mix and we’re here to tell and show you how.

To begin, simply click the “Add an Evaporator” button in the evaporator column located in the centre of the calculator tool. Similar to when adding a condensing unit, a set of drop downs will appear. From there you will need to select your model type, defrost type, motor type and lastly a model number. Finish by selecting “Add Evaporator To Compare”.

Now you will be able to see your evaporator’s total kilowatt hour per year and estimated power cost per year. If you need to make any adjustments just simply click the “Edit” button or the “Trash” button if you want to remove the evaporator completely.

And that’s how you add an evaporator to our Energy Calculator. To enhance your savings even further, be sure to add options from our Smart3 suite of energy saving technologies.

Check back soon for our next blog that will demonstrate how to create systems and compare energy use to help you make the most educated choices for your business. Discover your savings today with KeepRite Refrigeration’s Energy Calculator.