Energy Calculator Tutorial #4 – Creating Systems and Comparing Energy Use

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Energy Calculator Tutorial #4 – Creating Systems and Comparing Energy Use

KeepRite Refrigeration Energy Calculator Tutorial

By now, you’re almost an expert when it comes to using our handy Energy Calculator to help you make educated choices when it comes to your operating costs. Now that you have added your condensing units and added your evaporator, it’s time to start creating systems and comparing energy use.

To begin, start by clicking “Make a System” in the “Systems” column located at the far right of the calculator tool. From there, simply select your condensing unit and evaporator followed by clicking the “Make a System” button.

Once you have clicked that button you will be able to see that combination’s Total System Power Costs. Now, you need a second system to compare to the one you just created. To do this, click “Add System To Compare” and select your second condensing unit with the evaporator and then click the “Add System To Compare” button again.

After inputting your second system, scroll down to the Payback Calculator and select your first system to compare to your second system and click “Calculate”. Voila! Here you will see the Annual Energy Cost Difference between your two systems.

Now that you know how to create systems and compare their energy use, you will need to add variables into the equipment costs to find out your ROI in years.

Stay tuned for our next blog that will tell you exactly how to do that and become an official expert user of our Energy Calculator.

Don’t forget, to enhance your savings even further, be sure to add options from our Smart3 suite of energy saving technologies.