KeepRite Refrigeration Releases Corporate Video

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KeepRite Refrigeration Releases Corporate Video

KeepRite Refrigeration, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration products, is proud to announce the debut of a their new corporate video. The video showcases KeepRite Refrigeration’s capabilities and includes commentary from a range of KeepRite team members.

KeepRite Refrigeration’s President Dave Teeter speaks about the corporation’s rich heritage and points to the passion and quality of the KeepRite team as an important factor behind the growth and success of the commercial refrigeration company.

“KeepRite’s been a company with long term roots and history — and we’ve developed a team of people around it that are dedicated and hard working. I’m extremely proud of the people in KeepRite Refrigeration”

KeepRite Refrigeration’s Production Manager, Peter Dorris, agrees that the experienced and engaged KeepRite Refrigeration team contribute heavily to the growing success enjoyed by the busy commercial refrigeration company.

“The average experience of our employees is 18 to 20 years right now in this facility. I have a no turn-over rate of employees because they like this place, they enjoy this place and they’re part of the product that we put out everyday.”

The video reveals the role technology plays in the companies winning strategy and includes a brief look at the Engineering Department and the R&D capability of KeepRite Refrigeration.

“The KeepRite Refrigeration Engineering Department is comprised of degreed engineers, walk in simulators, environmental chambers and calorimeters” explains an enthusiastic Vince Zolli. Zolli, Manager of Engineering at KeepRite Refrigeration, says the brand has earned client trust on a global scale as a result of their process and attention to detail.  “Our testing is extensive and that allows us to deliver the highest quality equipment around the world.”

The video also touches on KeepRite Refrigeration’s innovation and dedication to new product development.

John Murray, KeepRite Refrigeration’s Executive Vice President of Sales is proud of the companies commitment to continual improvement. “Since I started with this company, we’ve released more new products and modifications of existing products than our two major competitors combined. We can make anything cold and it doesn’t matter if it’s a small behind the bar reach in refrigerator or a 1.5 million square feet warehouse, there’s nothing that requires cold that we can’t do.”

The video is part of a larger social marketing initiative to increase engagement and support for a growing list of KeepRite Refrigeration clients.

“The video is an insight into our culture and people as well as glimpse at our technology, capabilities and facilities.” says Tim Charlick, a member of the customer support team.

“We’re proud of our products and people and we’re launching a social media campaign this year to better communicate with our customers, resellers and end-users.  Our products have long been leading edge and our objective in 2012 is to integrate social media so that our corporate communication reflects our coveted stature as a word-class manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products.”

KeepRite Refrigeration plans to release additional videos this year to improve ground-level support for users of KeepRite Refrigeration’s Products.

“We’re going to begin producing some short support videos to address recurring installation and maintenance challenges that would be easily explained with a video.”

Charlick says the videos are part of a larger plan to deliver more resources and support for customers in the field. “We are actively working on an improved documentation and tech support system.  We’re constantly striving for new ways to deliver value and quality to our clients around the world.”