KeepRite Refrigeration welcomes Peter Frame

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September 21, 2013
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KeepRite Refrigeration welcomes Peter Frame

KeepRite Refrigeration is proud to announce the appointment of Peter Frame as Senior Engineering Specialist. Peter brings extensive industry experience to the position as well as a passion for engineering and problem solving.

“My dad had a farm equipment business and so I earned my mechanical expertise and a love for mechanical things early in my life. I love the process from start to finish. Design it. Build it. Make sure it works.”

Peter’s practical experience was strengthened by education and on-the-job training.

“I went to school for Mechanical Engineering and shortly after that I received a call from Hussmann to help them with their manufacturing engineering. Within a year, I had been promoted to Speciality Engineering and was touring South America and the United States researching supermarket cases”

Eager for more education to support his career, Peter went to night school on the side and got his refrigeration, gas and electrical tickets. Hussmann afforded Peter the opportunity to “work on different projects, different ideas and different concepts for a variety of different customers.”

Later, Peter joined Vos Food Store Equipment, where he applied his knowledge of the supermarket food store industry as a field service specialist. He called on stores across Canada including Sobey’s, Foodland and Loblaws and was instrumental in the design and launch of new grocery stores as well as ervicing existing locations.

While working for Vos, Peter began a side business installing air-conditioners and furnaces. Frame Mechanical quickly grew into a full time endeavour and the company expanded it’s operations and personnel in response to the demand for it’s services.

Seeking a way to acquire resources and manpower to fulfil it’s new installation projects for Walmart, Hussmann once again approached Frame. This time they would merge the entire team of Frame Mechanical and appoint Frame as a supervisor for installation projects at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across Ontario.

After many successful launches and countless miles on the road, Peter was eager to “get closer to town” and took a position with Scotties as a Service Tech and Install Foreman.

Frame Mechanical was still active on the sidelines and it wasn’t long before Peter’s reputation and experience would attract more attention.

“I began doing special projects for KeepRite Refrigeration. Any lab projects they had on the go, Frame Mechanical helped put the pieces in.”

Peter’s business was introducing him to new work and eventually an offer that would coax him back to the road.

“Through our Frame Mechanical work I made a contact at CES, a company that installs big rooftop dehumidification units. Again I was flying all over North America to do commissioning for their supermarket installations, loading up software and ensuring that the contractor did his job properly.”

When KeepRite Refrigeration decided to grow their team to better serve their growing client list, Peter was an obvious recruitment consideration. KeepRite Refrigeration’s Head of Engineering Vince Zolli was convinced that Peter could deliver benefit to the team.

“Peter had worked with us before and his input and experience made him a valued asset. We felt that he had a great deal to offer our clients and company and we were eager to get him on board.”

Peter considers his new role challenging but appreciates the comfort and familiarity of his position.

“I already know a lot of these guys. They’re a great bunch to work for and we’re a great team. It’s also better for me personally at this point in my life. Instead of flying across the country, I’m 15 minutes from home.”

Having already been at KeepRite Refrigeration for a few months, Peter says his work has been varied and exciting.

“Everything from working on a new patent to R&D projects to introducing my industry contacts to the KeepRite Refrigeration brand.”

A believer in ongoing research, growth and innovation, Peter looks forward to pushing the boundaries and defying status quo.

“You can’t be a follower in this business. We’re among the top leaders in this industry and It’s great that we have lab facilities so that we can explore future technologies and increase our sales.”

With his progressive attitude and drive for increased market share, Peter fits right in with the KeepRite Refrigeration team and culture.

“Anything is possible and I love bringing new ideas to the table.”

“National Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Products Canada Corp., is a leading North American manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products marketed under the KeepRite Refrigeration brand name.

These products include specialized applications in food storage and processing, industrial process cooling, including evaporator coils, condensing units, condensers, heat transfer and heat recovery and air conditioning products.

Located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, KeepRite Refrigeration products have been manufactured and distributed worldwide for almost 70 Years.