Commercial Refrigeration Technology Feature: Link/Link+

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February 11, 2019
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Commercial Refrigeration Technology Feature: Link/Link+

Link/Link+ Multi Compressor Refrigeration Technology

KeepRite Refrigeration’s Link/Link+ multi-compressor systems redefine flexibility in commercial refrigeration solutions. Each one is custom designed from the ground up to meet your specific application need and every system is built to maximize system performance, energy savings and serviceability. All of this packaged in a ruggedly constructed unit that continues KeepRite Refrigeration’s tradition of long-lasting, dependable and easily serviceable equipment.

Link – Indoor Compressors/Electrical/Control Packages

Providing a conveniently centralized package for multiple compressors, electrical and controls, our Link indoor unit allows for maximized merchandising space by combining components to minimize the unit’s footprint. With optional energy management systems allowing for staging compressor run times based on demand, our Link technology is available with a wide array of options. Pair it with selections from our complete line of condensing units to create the ultimate system.

Link+ – Outdoor Condensing Units

Combining elements found in the indoor unit with condenser components, the Link+ is a single package solution featuring our industry leading weather resistant housing. With features including remote panel available for refrigeration and defrost control as well as multiple suction groups, our Link/Link+ products truly demonstrate our commitment to a comprehensive single supplier solution.

A natural progression in commercial refrigeration technology, the Link and its outdoor version, the Link+, continue to showcase what makes KeepRite Refrigeration the Right Choice for the Refrigeration Professional. For more information visit our Link/Link+ Technology page, learn more about our entire Smart3 Suite of Systems Saving Solutions or email [email protected] for answers to any of your questions.