Product Profile: KMP Medium Profile Evaporator

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Product Profile: KMP Medium Profile Evaporator

KMP Medium Profile Commercial Evaporator

From the smallest units to the very largest, KeepRite Refrigeration brings experience and commitment to the refrigeration industry as seen through our extensive line of evaporators available to meet the needs of all of our clients. Engineered to provide superior performance and quality, our KMP Medium Profile Evaporator is the perfect solution for those applications that demand efficiency and reliability.

KMP Evaporator Overview

Designed for rooms -30°F and above, our KMP Medium Profile Evaporators are engineered for medium and low temperature applications and even for specialty ultra-low temperature applications (contact our factory to learn more).

Featuring a textured aluminum cabinet, hinged drain pan with central universal drain connection, and so much more, our KMP units also come with a wide variety of options available, including ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology and EC motors with patented SmartSpeed® Technology”.

Model Applications and Specifications

Available in air, electric and hot gas defrost (reverse cycle or 3 pipe) models, KMP units range in capacity from 11,700 to 88,000 BTUH at 10°F TD (based on R440A) and are cULUs approved. The entire unit cooler will be a minimum of 18-gauge aluminum with a textured finish. The cabinet consists of a fixed front fan panel and top panel, removable side panels and a hinged drain pan.

All motors are PSC type permanently lubricated direct drive 1075 RPM or electronically commutated (EC) type with two variations – two-speed operation utilizing a single pole double throw (SPDT) thermostat or infinitely variable speed with variants requiring a 0-10VDC input for operation. The wire motor mounts have four legs, zinc-plated steel wire with clear chromate and lacquer and the fan blades are 0.040” aluminum 5052 grade with all steel components to be zinc plated or powder coat finish.

Product Features

Along with being compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants and having a totally enclosed high efficiency PSC motors, the standard features of KeepRite Refrigeration’s KMP Evaporator includes high efficiency and high strength fan guard, internally enhanced tubing, ample electrical and header compartments, Schrader valve on suction header, factory installed distributor nozzle and liquid line solenoid valve wire harness, also factory installed.

Additional Options

Additional to the standard features, KeepRite Refrigeration also offers other available options for our KMP unit including hot gas loop pan with hot gas defrost models, wire fan guard, corrosion protection including alternate fin materials and coatings, and more!

Other additional options available that are highly recommended include EC motors with patented SmartSpeed® Technology, and KeepRite Refrigeration’s ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology which is now available on our KMP Medium Profile units.

Looking for more information about our KMP Medium Profile evaporators? Check out our additional resources below or contact our product specialist at [email protected] today!

Additional Resources

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Product Specialist – [email protected], 1-844-893-3222 ext. 520