Parallel Racks
Parallel Racks
November 22, 2016
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November 22, 2016
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Remote Headers

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KeepRite Refrigeration’s Remote Headers are custom built to suit your new or existing equipment. The “Tree” provides easy access for installation and servicing, and allows existing branched circuits to be upgraded.

The isolated header allows for a large reduction in discharge line gas pulsations that lead to leaks. Smaller pipe diameter runs throughout the facility simplify the installation process.


  • Painted Frame
  • Large Suction Header Provides Minimal Pressure Drop for Maximum Efficiency and Acts Like an Accumulator
  • Insulated Suction Lines to Reduce Capacity Losses
  • Easy Access for Installation and Servicing
  • Isolation Valves to Make Servicing Quick and Easy
  • Mechanical or Electrical Controls
  • Compatible with Most Low GWP Refrigerants
Available Options:
  • Remote Circuit Panel for Control of Defrost
  • Mounted Vertical or Horizontal Receiver
  • Filter/Drier/Sight Glass
  • CPC, Microthermo, Danfoss, PLCs and other
    controllers supported
  • Multiple Suction Groups for Dual Temp Applications
  • Heat Exchanger for Vapour Injected Compressors
  • Insulated Liquid Lines for Sub Cooling Applications
  • Mounted Leak Detector
  • Flexible Mounting for Space Limited Applications


From flexible, multi-compressor systems to parallel racks, we have the experience and technologies to deliver a fully customized solution for your application. Contact your local Sales Rep or our product specialist at or 1-844-893-3222 ext. 525 for details