Product Profile: R-Line Half Round Evaporators

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October 1, 2019
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Product Profile: R-Line Half Round Evaporators

R-Line Half Round Commercial Evaporator

With an extensive line of evaporators available, KeepRite Refrigeration is a leading North American manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products and technologies. Whether you need a low velocity evaporatorhigh profile evaporatorextended profile evaporator, or something else, through constant innovation, KeepRite Refrigeration has the evaporator for any and all commercial refrigeration professionals.

Looking for a half round evaporator? Our R-Line unit is your key solution.


Roundell Half Round Evaporator Overview

Designed for rooms 35°F and above space or box temperature, our Half-round air defrost evaporators are engineered for walk-in cooler applications requiring positive, low air movement evenly distributed in high humidity environments discharged radially in an 180° arc.


Model Applications and Specifications

KeepRite Refrigeration’s Roundell evaporator is available in 8 sizes that range in capacity from 3,360 to 20,400BTUH at 10°F TD (based on R440A) and are of course cULUs approved. These evaporators are ideally suited for applications where maximum usable storage space, high humidity and gentle air distribution throughout the room are required.

When choosing where to locate the unit in the room, it should be in an area that ensures uniform air distribution throughout the entire space to be refrigerated. Make sure that the air is not blown directly out through the opened door and that the product does not obstruct the free circulation of air.


Product Features

Along with being compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants, these units feature a textured aluminum cabinet, hinged drain pan and standard inherently protected EC motor. The direct backwall location and minimum height provides maximum usable storage space. The rigid, slotted channel hangers simplify the installation process while the hinged drain pan makes for easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit.


Additional Options

Additional to the standard features, KeepRite Refrigeration also offers other available options for our R-line half round evaporators including optional corrosion protection such as fin materials and coating.

Looking for more information about our Roundell Half Round evaporators? Check out our additional resources below or contact our product specialist at [email protected] today!


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