Commercial Refrigeration Technology of the 2000’s

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March 20, 2020
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Commercial Refrigeration Technology of the 2000’s

KeepRite Refrigeration Technologies

“With a flexible and innovative approach, coupled with a commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we strive to satisfy our customers, develop long term profitable partnerships, and provide market leadership.”

This is KeepRite Refrigeration’s corporate mission statement that we have stood by and honoured for 75 years.

These words illustrate our commitment to not only unparalleled service, but to also continually drive forward in developing new and emerging technologies that meet industry needs at the pace they demand them. By combining what we have learned over 75 years and applying new technology, we have come up with the best solutions for today’s refrigeration professional.

As we continue to celebrate our 75th anniversary, we want to look back at the technologies that we developed over the past 20 years that have continued to hold us accountable to our reputation of innovation through experience.

This includes our Smart3 suite of Systems Savings Solutions which are commercial refrigeration products that deliver what today’s refrigeration professional demands: innovative products, energy efficiency, responsive technology and leading-edge customizable solutions. An evolution in commercial equipment and technologies, Smart3 is the culmination of decades of experience and expertise.

A full suite of products, Smart3 is an innovative approach to offering you the help you need to meet your clients’ needs for commercial refrigeration systems, products, and services. This suite of smart systems savings solutions meets the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s refrigeration professional and includes the following innovative technologies:

KQ Line Quiet Refrigeration Duty Condensing Unit

Featuring scroll compressors in a unit that is quiet, compact and energy-efficient, the KQ Line is ideally suited for applications where space limitations, energy efficiency or sound levels are of concern.

Just how quiet is KeepRite Refrigeration’s Quiet Unit?

Quiet Unit Condensing Unit Sound Level Comparison

EC Shafted Motor Technology

EC motors offer tremendous gains in efficiency but have previously been part of a complex assembly. KeepRite Refrigeration’s shafted EC motors offer the best of both worlds – industry leading energy efficiency in a lightweight, modular design, that allows for unprecedented serviceability and retrofit opportunities.

KeepRite Refrigeration offers the key benefits of EC motor technology – efficiency, reliability and soft starts – in a lightweight, convenient package for high horsepower applications.

SmartSpeedTM Fan Motor Technology

Utilizing KeepRite Refrigeration’s patented SmartSpeed technology, customers can benefit from reduced energy consumption and reduced system refrigerant charges. SmartSpeed offers a simplified, economical solution in order to meet the increasingly stringent efficiency levels being mandated across North America.

The innovative feature behind the SmartSpeed technology is the two speed EC fan motor that changes speed according to system operation and ambient conditions.

How much energy can you save with SmartSpeed?

SmartSpeed Energy Savings

LINK/LINK+ Multi-Compressor Refrigeration System

LINK and LINK+ systems redefine flexibility in commercial refrigeration solutions.

Each system is custom designed from the ground up to meet your specific application’s needs. This allows for the delivery of a ruggedly constructed design that maximizes system performance, energy savings and serviceability.

LIMITROL+ Floating Head Pressure Control System

LIMITROL+ combines various technologies into a responsive system that floats head pressure, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

Unlike competitive systems, LIMITROL+ combines variable speed EC motor technology, condenser portioning and various systems modifications to provide the ultimate in performance and control. As a result, LIMITROL+ functions in much colder ambient where previous systems have proven ineffective.

See below for your estimated energy savings or use our handy Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much Limitrol+ can save you!

BIN Hour Analysis

* The above is a BIN Hour Analysis. Weather data was used from ASHRAE Weather Data Viewer and electrical rates for each city are based on June 2013 data from EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration).

** Above numbers do not include refrigerant savings, and further cost savings can be expected.

ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology

KeepRite Refrigeration’s newest technology, our ESP+ intuitive evaporator control, is designed to replace traditional electro-mechanical refrigeration controls typically used on medium and low temperature applications.

With ESP+ you get precise temperature control, minimizing product loss due to excessive frost and improving product shelf life – plus significant energy savings.

Other technologies that are included in our Smart3 systems savings solutions include:

  • Alternative Refrigerants: the equipment and expertise you need to respond to the needs of the ever-changing industry.
  • Demand Defrost Technology: delivers trues “defrost on demand” evaporator control that provides energy savings by significantly increasing system efficiently over mechanically controlled systems.
  • Distributed Refrigeration Systems: a customized line of commercial refrigeration equipment ideally suited for applications that require systems to be strategically placed.

As we mark our 75th anniversary and celebrate the technologies that we have developed throughout the 2000’s we can’t help but reminisce on the various awards our company has achieved including:

  • 2015 – The AHR Expo Innovation Award in a highly competitive Refrigeration Category. This prestigious award recognized KeepRite Refrigeration for innovation and excellence in bringing Limitrol+ Head Pressure Control System to market.
  • 2014 – US Patent awarded for our SmartSpeed Fan Motor Technology.
  • 2010 – The AHR Expo Innovation Award for Refrigeration with honourable mention for our SmartSpeed and Quiet Condensing Units technologies.

While KeepRite Refrigeration has developed even more technologies than those listed above, such as the Energy Calculator, our Design Tools suite of software applications, etc. that is a story for another day.

As we look back on the technologies that we’ve developed and we look ahead to the opportunities in front of us, one thing remains that same and that is how we will continue to innovate through experience to maintain our position as The Right Choice For The Refrigeration Professional.