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Link/Link+ Multi-Compressor Refrigeration System

What is Link/Link+?

Link and Link+ systems redefine flexibility in commercial refrigeration solutions. Each system is custom designed from the ground up to meet your specific application need. This allows for the delivery of a ruggedly constructed design that maximizes system performance, energy savings and serviceability. Innovation through experience continues to make KeepRite Refrigeration the Right Choice for the Refrigeration Professional.


LINK indoor units provide a conveniently centralized package for compressors, electrical and controls, allowing for maximized merchandizing space. Pair it with selections from our complete line of companion products to create the ultimate system.

LINK+ outdoor units combine elements found in the indoor unit with condenser components together into a single package featuring our industry leading weather resistant housing.



  • Substantial energy savings
  • Optional energy management systems allow for staging compressor run times based on demand
  • Reduced refrigerant charges
  • Design flexibility allows for strategic placement of equipment
  • Compact design of the Link indoor unit offers a minimized footprint while delivering maximized merchandizing space
  • Fits through standard commercial door openings
  • Consolidated electrical layout provides for significantly reduced electrical installation costs
  • Multiple compressors can be tied into common suction groups
  • Rugged construction helps reduce sound levels
  • Available with a wide variety of options
  • Service friendly