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What is AWEF?

AWEF Regulations

Last Updated: August 31, 2020 to include the AWEF regulations brought into effect on July 10, 2020.

Effective January 1, 2020 the Department of Energy (DOE) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) implemented new energy efficiency rules that regularly refer to “AWEF.”

What is AWEF?

AWEF stands for Annual Walk-In Efficiency Factor which is ultimately a ratio: total heat (Btu) from a walk-in box to total energy input (watt hours) during the same one-year period.

Since coming into effect, we have received various questions about these new regulations and staying true to Our Continued Commitment to the Refrigeration Professional, we are here to answer any and all of your AWEF questions.

What is the reasoning for these new rules?

Let’s start with why these regulations were put in place. These new AWEF rules require significant energy reductions for condensing units and evaporators used in commercial walk-in and freezers under 3,000 ft2. 

These regulations were put in place because it establishes efficiency minimums for refrigeration equipment used with walk-in coolers and freezers, including condensing units, evaporators and self-contained refrigeration.

AWEF requirements demand significant changes in the sale and manufacture of refrigeration equipment in Canada and the USA but will reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment.

What products will be affected?

Generally speaking, the products and equipment that are affected most by the AWEF regulations are refrigeration systems covered by walk-in coolers and freezers (WICF) standards. This includes a packaged dedicated system (i.e. a matched evaporator and condensing unit sold as one package), a split, matched dedicated system (i.e. a matched evaporator and condensing unit sold as two parts), and a split system that is not matched.

As of January 1, 2020, medium temperature air-cooled condensing units must be compliant.

However, every non-compliant condensing unit manufactured up to December 31, 2019 can be legally sold at any time after. The serial number on the units can be used to determine the date of manufacture.

As of July 10, 2020, all low temperature air-cooled condensing units and medium and low-temperature evaporators must be compliant. However, every non-compliant LT condensing unit and MT or LT evaporator built before July 10, 2020 can be sold legally at any time after.

Everything manufactured after July 10, 2020 must be compliant.

Will any products be exempted from these policies?

Equipment used in walk-in coolers and freezers that are equal to or greater than 3,000 ft2 will be exempted.

Additionally, water-cooled units/systems, compressor units with remote condensers, and equipment intended solely for medical, scientific and research applications will be exempted.

Lastly, multi-compressor condensing units solely designed to serve multiple WICFs or other pieces of refrigeration equipment will be exempted. These are often referred to as “multi-plex” condensing units, including parallel racks and KeepRite Refrigeration’s LINK/LINK+ distributed systems.

Can I get a non-compliant evaporator or condensing unit for an exempted application?

Absolutely! Something KeepRite Refrigeration is most proud of is that we have the products for you no matter what your application or need is. We will continue to offer models for use where the new regulations are not required.

Non-compliant evaporators we will continue to offer include:

Non-compliant condensing units we will continue to offer include:

Who’s responsible for making sure products and equipment are compliant?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to certify its equipment to be manufactured and sold as compliant.

It is the responsibility of those assembling/installing the system to use certified equipment for retrofitting existing jobs and/or for new installations.

How will KeepRite Refrigeration keep their products in line with these changing regulations?

As of July 10, 2020, KeepRite Refrigeration now offers a complete line up of “Generation D” condensing units that meet or exceed the new requirements for condensing units, including compliant Medium and Low Temperature versions.

In addition, our KQ Quiet Condensing Units and KMS/KMD Condensing Units can also be used in applications requiring compliance:

As of July 10, 2020, KeepRite Refrigeration now offers a complete line up of “Generation D” evaporators that meet or exceed the new requirements including:

How do I find AWEF numbers for KeepRite Refrigeration AWEF-compliant products?

We have created a guide that collects all of the AWEF numbers for compliant equipment which can be used for both evaporators and condensing units.

Access the guide here.

Additionally, you can refer to each product’s individual spec sheet as well which are included in the links above.

How do I find the equivalent of an evaporator or condensing unit I used to buy?

KeepRite Refrigeration will always do what we want to make things easier on you which is why we have created a cross-reference guide for compliant equipment roughly equivalent to old non-compliant equipment.

Access the guide here.

Do these regulations affect any other product offerings?

Even though exempt from compliance, there will be an impact on models offered in the KX (water-cooled) and KF (multi-compressor) condensing unit line-ups that use some of the same compressors that were used in discontinued models. For more information:

Will these be the only new regulations that take place in 2020?

With 75 years of experience in commercial refrigeration, KeepRite Refrigeration is always ready for any change that comes our way. Whether you need an AWEF compliant product or you need an evaporator or condensing unit for an exempted application, we have the products you need to succeed.

Have more questions about these regulations, AWEF, WICF, etc.? Be sure to check out our AWEF FAQ page, feel free to call your local sales representative.

As we continue to navigate the unpredictability of 2020, one thing you can always count on is KeepRite Refrigeration to always keep you informed as Our Continued Commitment to the Refrigeration Professional enters its 75th year.