Scroll Compressors Added to Coaxial Water Cooled Condensing Units

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September 11, 2013
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September 26, 2013
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Scroll Compressors Added to Coaxial Water Cooled Condensing Units

KeepRite Refrigeration is dedicated to the refrigeration professional and that commitment means innovation and a drive for continual improvement.

In response to customer needs and to take advantage of market opportunities, we have added Copeland scroll compressors to our KX-Line Indoor Coaxial Water Cooled Condensing Units.

KX-Line Units are now available with Copeland scroll compressors in high temperature (H8) for use with R404A, R407C and R22, and low temperature (L6) applications using R404A.

KeepRite Refrigeration’s Head of Engineering Vince Zolli says the improvements will provide clients with more flexibility and a range of applications.

“Adding a scroll compressor expands the ability of the KX-Line line dramatically and provides more options for a broader range of use. Our clients need latitude and scroll compressors improve the highly successful KX-Line and extend the list of applications these units are suited for.”

The newly improved KX-Line features Copeland semi-hermetic, hermetic and scroll compressors and are complete with many standard features all built into a spacious serviceable design. Models range in capacity from ½ HP to 6 HP for high, medium and low temperature applications.

“We’re thrilled with these improvements and we’re already hearing good things from the field. We expect that the upgraded KX-Line will remain a popular and robust solution for our clients.”

The KX-Line of Coaxial Water Cooled Condensing Units — now with Copeland scroll compressors. Another reason why KeepRite Refrigeration is the right choice for the refrigeration professional.

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